My name is Rick and I live in Prineville, Oregon.  The website URL,, comes from the fact that my wife and I have horses and do a lot of trail riding.

However, besides riding horses, I have several other interests and hobbies:

Ham Radio - I've had my license since 1976 and hold an Advance Class License.  My call sign is WA7VLM.  I haven't been very active lately and currently my only radio is a 2M Handheld, an ICOM IC-T2H. If I remember correctly, it cost me $99.  I do try to check-in to our local emergency net when I can (or if I remember): The Jefferson/Crook County ARES/RACES Emergency Communications Net.  Check-in is at 7pm on Monday.  We use the N7CCO Grizzly Mountain Repeater on 147.38Mhz, which uses a sub-audio tone of 162.2 Hz.

Flying and R/C Airplanes - I have always had a love for flying.  As a kid, I did a lot of flying with my dad.  In 1984, I got my private pilot's license.  At the time, I was going to use it to fly myself to various job-sites.  But that idea came to an abrupt stop when the owner of the company I was working for crashed while flying up into Canada.  So, not being in a position to pay to fly, I decided to build and fly R/C airplanes (I think flying real planes might have been cheaper after all).

Drones - Of course this also relates to flying, but decided to purchase a Parrot AR Drone 2.  More on that later.

Shooting my Pellet Gun  - While I'm not a game hunter, I do like to plink. Too read more about my adventures in Pellet guns see:

Electronic Designs - By profession, I'm a Embedded Systems Design Engineer, both Hardware and Software.  I've used PIC chips,8051's, Atmel AVR's, and various ARM microprocessors over the years, and a lot more micro's I've forgotten about.  And even though I do designs for a living, I still enjoy working on my own personnal projects.

One such project is a Solar Panel Charge Controller.

Anything to do with GPS - For a number of years, I tote the GPS course for the Crook County Search and Rescue Academy.  One of my favorite handheld GPS's has been the  Delorme PN-60.

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